Are You a Homeowner Selling Your Home?


Let’s face it. Buyers today are far more sophisticated when buying a home. Educated by programs on television that show what to look for and what homes can look like when buying. If your home has that ‘lived in’ look, some buyers will just walk by.

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Many buyers will go house hunting with a wish list, but if a house wows them, their list can go out the window and they will buy the house even if it doesn’t have all the amenities they were looking for.


Because people tend to buy on impulse.

If a house feels right to buyers, the potential for a sale is far higher than if a house doesn't feel like Home. Having a Professional Home Staging consultaion will help You address the issues that might make people turn away from Your home.


Often, buyers lack the imagination to see past a seller's possessions. A Home Stager will turn your home into a marketable, desirable product.

Remember; as nice as your house was to live in,

you want to sell it now.

Let’s make that happen.


Peg Barcelo of Fluff My House! Home Staging Inc. can

help you with Creative Home Staging You can Bank on

in the South & Central Okanagan, BC.

Call now for a Consultation that can change how fast you sell your Home!


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